Sunday, September 28, 2008

San Diego Family Beach Portraits

Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing the Judd family down at the Hotel Del Coronado beach. We had a perfect evening at the beach - great weather and not a ton of people, although there did appear to be four weddings going on while we were there. We were also treated to a small school of dolphins that swam by.

Here are a few favorites from tonight's family photo shoot at Coronado Beach.

The whole family:
San Diego family beach photographer

Grandma and Grandpa with the Grandkids:
San Diego beach family photographer

One family walking on the beach:
San Diego family photographer

The kids watching the dolphins swim by:
San Diego childrens beach photographer

My favorite - this little lady kept losing her britches. ;)

San Diego family beach photos


Friday, September 26, 2008

Tucson Arizona Modeling Photography - JoAundra

After seeing the photos that I got with Briana on Tuesday, I thought it would be pretty tough to match or beat them on Wednesday. But after shooting with JoAundra for a couple of hours it was pretty clear that we had gotten another series of exceptional photographs.

JoAundra was excellent to work with, and again we were able to capture quite a wide variety of clothing and scenery around Tucson. We started at Rattlesnake Bridge, here are a couple from that location:

Tucson modeling photos at Rattlesnake Bridge

Some Red Sox gear:
Tucson Arizona HS senior portrait photos

Then we headed over to downtown Tucson and started at the Fox Theater:
Tucson modeling photos at Fox Theater

Then across the street for a reflection of the Fox Theater:
Tucson Arizona senior modeling photographer

And finally a pretty funny photo. JoAundra changed into a black and red outfit and right after that we came across some sort of costume shop. In the window was a mannequin in - you guessed it - black and red. There was also a poster hanging of the same costume. The colors matched almost too perfectly.

Tucson Arizona modeling senior photos

Tucson Arizona modeling portrait photographer


Tucson Arizona Modeling Photography - Briana

Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of meeting Briana Genevieve, a beautiful young model from Tucson, Arizona. Downtown Tucson was our backdrop, and we found several great locations for capturing some beautiful photographs.

Briana was amazing to work with, so easy going and fun. I'd show some photos of her cracking up laughing, but she probably wouldn't care for that. ;)

Here are some photos showing a variety of Briana's looks...

We started at El Presidio Park with a park bench and some nice greenery:
Tucson Arizona HS senior modeling photos

Then we moved over to the Pima County Courthouse for some cool architecture (note the perfect timing of the wind blowing her hair):
Tucson Arizona modeling portrait photographer

One of my personal favorites, check this out:
Tucson Arizona HS senior portrait photography

A nice closeup portrait:
Tucson Arizona HS senior and modeling photography

Finally one of the photos that we took at the gazebo:
Tucson Arizona modeling photographer

Downtown Tucson modeling portrait photography


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tucson, Arizona Modeling Photography Preview

I had the opportunity to photograph two outstanding young models in Tucson, Arizona this week - Briana and JoAundra. I've just gotten back to San Diego and had the chance to browse through all of the photos real quick and all I can say is WOW! They looked great in the camera but even better on the computer.

It's nearly midnight so unfortunately I'm out of time for tonight, but wanted to give a little sneak peek of both of them. I'll have several more photos from each shoot posted in the next 24 hours - so stay tuned.

Here is Briana:
Tucson Arizona senior photos modeling photographer

And this is JoAundra:

Again, lots more preview photos coming up on Friday.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

San Diego Newborn Portrait Photos

This was our second family on Saturday, and baby Aidan is just over two weeks old. He was quite a fussy one, and he never got tired of taking snack breaks. However we all worked through it and got some beautiful photographs of him. Here are some favorites from this newborn photo session...

Mommy's little angel:
San Diego newborn baby childrens photographer

Upside down baby:
San Diego newborn baby childrens photography

Mommy and Aidan:

Daddy and Aidan:
San Diego baby childrens photographer

Mommy, Daddy and Aidan:

San Diego newborn childrens photographer


San Diego Newborn Portrait Photos

Saturday we had not one but two newborn sessions at our studio. The first was baby Kai, who is already over a month old. His older brothers were there as well, and they really hammed it up for the camera.

Here are a few favorites from Saturday's first newborn photo session...

The three brothers:
San Diego newborn baby childrens photographer

Two brothers:
San Diego newborn baby childrens photographer

The star of the show:
San Diego newborn baby childrens photos photography

Pigs in a blanket:
San Diego newborn childrens portrait photographer

Kai doesn't know it yet, but he's a big Padres fan:

San Diego newborn childrens Photographer


Friday, September 19, 2008

San Diego family beach photos at Coronado beach

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany, Jake and Dutchess a beautiful and rambunctious four year old Lab. Dutchess did very well, and even got her first taste of the ocean!

We had a great time and almost got thrown out because apparently dogs aren't allowed on the beach there (first time I've been told that). But the Lifeguards were nice enough to let us off with a warning and we were just about wrapped up by then anyhow.

Here are a few favorites from tonight's beach photo shoot.

Hotel Del Coronado in the background:
San Diego family beach photos

Sunset silhouette:
San Diego family beach photos

A boy and his dog in b&w:
San Diego family beach portrait photographer

Puppy kisses!!!!
San Diego family beach photography

After the sunset in front of the Hotel Del Coronado:

San Diego family beach portrait photos

San Diego beach portraits


Sunday, September 14, 2008

San Diego Family Beach Portraits at the Bahia Hotel

Last night I had a great time working with the Barker family at the Bahia Hotel here in San Diego. Just a quick session with photos of the whole family (28 if I'm counting correctly) and smaller individual family photos.

I was able to find a perfect location - the hotel provided some nice shade from the setting sun, while the water and background was still in the sun. Perfect for photography. =)

Here are a few samples. Thank you again to the Barker family for doing such a great job!

The whole family:
San Diego Family Beach Photos

Great Grandpa, his Grandkids and Great-Grandkids:
San Diego Family Beach Photos

Getting smaller, only twelve people in this photo!
San Diego Family Beach Photos

Here is The Blue Team (now we're down to just five):

And finally The Green Team:

San Diego Family Beach Photography


Thursday, September 11, 2008

San Diego remembers 9/11

I was able to attend two ceremonies remembering 9/11 in San Diego today - one at the Civic Center and one aboard the USS Midway. Both were very moving; seeing all of the Firemen, hearing the bagpipes, listening to friends and relatives of those lost. The two words "never forget" truly summarize the feeling in the air today.

I'll just leave it at that, here are some photos from the day. A photo gallery with many more photos can be found here - 9/11 Remembered.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Our Son the age two.

This weekend we had a special opportunity to take our Son to a full tour of a real live fire station. He got to climb all over the fire truck, meet all of the Firemen and even shoot water out of the fire hose! It was the coolest thing ever, and I'm honestly not sure who had more fun - him or me!! Here are a few favorite photos, but you can see a whole slideshow of them here: Gavin the Firefighter



Monday, September 01, 2008

Downtown "urban" style senior & modeling photos in Denver

Last week I had some work up in the Denver area, and was able to hook up with Ashley for some urban style modeling / senior type photos. Ashley is moving to LA soon and looking to get into modeling. I was excited to get some new urban style photos for our portfolio as well.

Here are a few favorites from our downtown Denver photo shoot:

Downtown Denver urban senior photos