Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Portraits at the Hotel Del Coronado and Beach

Last night I had a fun evening photographing the Williams family (a group of ten, including a handsome seven month old). It was very windy at the beach, which would not have been good for people with long hair, not to mention it was making for some pretty big crashing waves against the rocks and a high tide.

So we started inside the hotel where there was no wind:


Then it was out to the beach. The sun was lower, and the wind died down (just as I had planned....)

Baby flying over the beach:

Baby on the beach!

The family at sunset:

And a drink called "Family on the Rocks"

San Diego family beach Photographer photos pictures,


Friday, June 27, 2008

San Diego family beach photography at Hotel Del Coronado

Tonight I had a great time photographing the Viesca family at the Hotel Del Coronado. A family of five, including Joey a Golden Retreiver. We started out in front of the hotel shooting some photos in the shade.

A headshot:

A family photo (there's Joey!):

Then it was off to the beach for some great sunset family beach photos starting with Mom and Dad:

A nice silhouette photo:

And a reflection photo to finish things off:

San Diego family beach portrait photographer


Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Beach Photos at the Hotel Del Coronado

Tonight I met with the Kosier family at the Hotel Del Coronado for some beach photos. Their Son is just a few months younger than ours, and he was great to work with.

We started at the courtyard and then moved out to the beach for a beautiful sunset. Here are a few of the photos from our session.


Out to Coronado Beach, I call this one "Flying over the Hotel Del":

We had a perfectly clear sky tonight, great for silhouette photos:

More flying:

Finally a posed shot right at sunset:

San Diego family beach portrait photos photographer


Saturday, June 21, 2008

San Diego Family Beach Photos at the Hotel Del Coronado

Tonight I had the privlege of photographing the Belasco family at the beach. It was really warm when we got down there but cooled off a little by sunset. It was perfectly clear, we had a beautiful sunset and best of all - dolphins! A group of 5-6 dolphins swam by right in the middle of our photo shoot, it was awesome!

Here are a few photos from the session.

Handsome Dude:

Grandparents and Grandkids:

"I'll have a Belasco on the rocks, please" (I made that one up all by myself, just now):

One family of four:

And a family of five:

San Diego Family Beach Photos at the Hotel Del Coronado


Had some fun shooting myself

With a camera, of course. Just playing around with a baseball bat after sunset. No Photographers were harmed during this photo shoot.

San Diego baseball Photographer


Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's a Padres Fathers Day at Petco Park

What a great Fathers Day today, the weather was perfect. A winning softball game at 9am, breakfast burritos with my family, a swim in our pool then off to Petco Park for some family / San Diego Padres baseball photos. Gavin had a blast running around the "Park at the Park" and we got several great photos of him and us (time to update that family portrait).

I'm thinking down the line this would be a great idea for a day of "theme sessions" - we'll shoot several 30 minute photo shoots down at Petco Park. Who's interested???

San Diego Padres baseball Petco Park childrens portrait photos


Monday, June 09, 2008

06.07.08 Wedding at the Bahia Resort in San Diego

Saturday I had the distinct privilege of photographing Thomas and Robin's wedding at the Bahia Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego. Here are some photos from the wedding and reception.

The crowd gathers:

Thomas wonders what time it is:

Robin catches me shooting her during the wedding:

We're married!

The Parents.

One of my favorites of the beautiful bride and groom.

Thomas tries to not drop Robin into the pond. I would have taken full responsibility if he had. Maybe. ;)

Robin and her Mom with the cake.

I call this one "picture in picture"

Thank you to Robin and Thomas for hiring us, I had a great time at your wedding. There are plenty more great photos where these came from, I can't wait to share them with you!


San Diego Family Beach Photos at the Hotel Del Coronado

Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing this family from Scottsdale Arizona. Here to get away from the desert heat, it was overcast and chilly at the beach. Great for lighting though!

Here are some sample photos from our photo shoot at the Hotel Del Coronado:

San Diego family beach potrait photographer


Sunday, June 08, 2008

San Diego Family Beach Photos

This evening I had the pleasure of photographing this fun family, most of which were from Japan. It was completely overcast down at Coronado beach, which made for beautifully soft portrait lighting (with a splash of flash of course).

Here are some samples from our photo shoot.

The whole family:

Grandma and Grampa:


San Diego family beach portrait photographer