Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our photography featured at Nelson Photo in San Diego

Our photography will be on display at Nelson Photo located in Little Italy for the entire month of November. We'll have several pieces on display, if you are in the area stop by and take a peek at some of our work!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

New 20% Heroes Discount for Police and Fire Departments

In an effort to thank the many men and women in the Fire and Police Departments who worked so tirelessly to save homes and lives during the recent San Diego fires, Caught on Film Photography is now offering a 20% discount on photographic prints. This is the same discount that we always offer to our military customers.

View our pricing page for more details. Thank you San Diego and all of the visiting FD / PD who helped save so many homes and lives! We will never forget!


Friday, October 26, 2007

San Diego Heroes

Well, it looks as though we have officially survived "Firestorm 2007" as they're calling it. The massive Witch Fire stayed about 15 miles to our North, while the Harris Fire stayed 15-20 miles to our South. We've been home glued to the television and internet all week, to see if either of them would head our direction.

Today was the first time all week that I left the house for any length of time. Not being out there photographing what was going on was killing me. So today I headed over to Gillespe Field to get photographs of some of the Firemen and the fire fighting helicopters at the airport.

Then I wandered up North and ended up in Escondido, and stumbled upon the Firemen who are stationed at San Pasqual High School. Both locations were practically like little cities for the Firemen, it was amazing what was set up in such a short time.

Rather than photographing all of the damage, I decided to celebrate the heroes who helped save our beautiful city from burning to the ground. I'm sure that I will get out later and take photos of some of the fire damage. But for now, it's all about thanking the men and women who came from near and far to work so hard to help us.

Thank you!!!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Studio maternity pictures

This afternoon the Baesas family paid us a visit. Expecting their third child and first girl (name TBD), we got some beautiful maternity pictures.

First just Mommy and some tulips from our friends at the flower shop down the street:

Next Mom & Dad with the "serious pose":

One of our favorites, the "hands shot":

And lastly an "overhead" shot of the family:


Newborn studio portraits

This morning we met with the Little family, and their beautiful newborn baby girl. She was quite the hungry little gal, but we managed to get some great photos in between her snack breaks. ;)


Family photos at the Hotel Del Coronado

Friday evening I had the pleasure of meeting this family at the Hotel Del Coronado for family portraits. We started out in front of the hotel in the green area.

Then it was out to the beach for a beautiful sunset....and some romance. ;)

A nice silhouette shot:

Finally some walking on the beach photos:


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thunderbirds at the 2007 Miramar Air Show

Had a photo shoot postponed this afternoon, which gave us the chance to run up to Miramar to quickly take in the Thunderbirds perfomring at the 2007 Miramar Air Show. One of these years I'll actually take the time to go to the darn show, instead of shooting photos from the parking lot across the street. =(

Oh and for those of you who were there, of course it was completely overcast - the blue sky here is fake. ;)


Saturday, October 06, 2007

San Diego family beach photos at the Hotel Del Coronado

Yesterday I had the privlege of photographing the Dickerson family from Arizona. We didn't exactly have the best conditions as it was unseasonably chilly and VERY windy. We did our best with posing and positioning to minimize the effects of the wind on Mom's hair, and I think overall we did very well considering.

Here are a few favorites from the session: