Saturday, March 31, 2007

Beach portraits at the Hotel Del Coronado 03.31.07

This evening I had the pleasure of photographing a woman who's Husband is currently serving over in Iraq. Her Husband talked her into having some professional photos done - although I think she actually enjoyed it. Sssshhhh, it will be our little secret. ;)

A beautiful evening to be at the beach, and a clear sunset. We did have to dodge some tourists, and two other Photographers, but in the end we did ok.

Lastly a message to all of the men and women serving in Iraq - THANK YOU for all that you do! Our freedoms here in the United States are not taken for granted, and your sacrifices are very much appreciated.


Maternity photography 03.31.07

Something must be in the water. Today finished a month full of maternity and newborn photo sessions for us - everybody is having babies! Don't look now, but things don't appear to be slowing down in April!

Today's Mommy & Daddy are expecting their bundle of joy in May, and they are ready for their little boy to arrive. Well, maybe not exactly ready, but who is ever really ready when the baby comes...?

We got a beautiful variety of photographs today, I'm sure everyone will have a tough time choosing their pictures (as always - it's a goal of ours).

Thanks guys, we'll get in touch when your photos are ready so that you can come back and check them out!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Newborn baby photos in studio 03.29.07

Another day, another beautiful baby. Meet Elsie, just six days old.

I'm telling you what, the key to this newborn photography is to "get them early". Third newborn in a row that was a week old or less, and once again just a breeze.

Certainly can't say the same for most babies that we see at 2-4 weeks. Ugh. Anyway back to Elsie. She was a doll, and a joy to work with. Just one brief snack break, and she was ready to go again.

Mom and Dad also did their maternity photos with us (thank you), and the newborn photos look like they turned out great as well. Thanks again, guys!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

San Diego beach portraits - Hotel Del Coronado

Tonight I met with Will and Heather at the Hotel Del Coronado to do some beach portraits.

We did some of my favorite locations, along the concrete wall, with the rocks, walking on the wet sand, etc.

But then we did a first - some photos at one of the nearby lifeguard towers. Loved doing these, I've been wanting to try this for awhile (just had to wait for the right victims....har har har).

Here's one with a more serious tone. Will is in the Marines and leaving soon for Iraq. I thought this image sort of showed their love for eachother, and their feelings as he is about to leave to serve his country. Not that he's going over there on a cruise ship, but it being in the background didn't hurt. ;)


Maternity studio portraits - 03.24.07

This morning we had the privilege of photographing a Mommy-to-be along with Daddy-to-be and their two year old Son. Mommy & Daddy are having a "surprise" baby (boy?? girl??) some time in June (we like surprises, our Son Gavin was a surprise).

The little guy was a bit fussy, but we still got some great photos of him (ssssssh, don't tell him, it will be our little secret).

Several great shots of Mommy, Mommy and the Little Guy, Mommy & Daddy, and the whole family.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Pregnancy portraits 03.23.07

Last night we had the privilege of meeting Mira and Adam, who are expecting their first child next month - a boy.

They found us through our advertising at Java Mama coffee shop.

We used the Nugget and solid black backdrops (our two most popular) and a variety of clothing and poses.

We look forward to meeting the new addition next month, guys! Best of luck on your delivery!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Newborn photos 03.20.07 - Bailey!

We're on a roll! The last two newborn sessions have been a dream...if only they all went this well - this is why we ask to bring them in within the first week or so.

Bailey was just six days old, and beautiful as can be. She fussed a bit at first, but after a few calls of "work it, girlfriend - work it!!!" she got into her groove and we were off.

Mom and Dad were happy proud parents, and we got some lovely photos of everyone.

This time we did something a bit different. Dad is in the Navy and brought his uniform. So we busted out the flag backdrop and got some beautiful images. This was one of my favorites.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Newborn photos 03.15.07 - Jake!

Now, why can't they all be like this??? I'm pretty sure we set a new speed record for the fastest newborn shoot ever tonight.

Meet Jake. Jake was born two months early, at just 32 weeks. He spent some time in the NICU but now is strong as an ox.

Jake fussed a little, but overall was a trooper. Most newborns require 2-3 feeding breaks, but Jake just needed a little snack and was on his way. He was awake for most of the session, which is great too.

We got a lot of great photographs of Jake and Mommy & Daddy. Can't wait for you all to see them. ;)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jets over Gillespe

Quite a different assignment today. We were hired by John and his Son Steve, who were brave enough to go up in a pair of L39 jets this morning. Man, did this look like fun!

It was a perfect day for flying, clear and not a cloud in the sky. We got some great photos of John, Steve the pilots and their jets before, during and after the flight.

Unfortunately there was only room for two in each plane, but based on my weak stomach for air sickness, it was probably best for everyone that my two feet stayed on the ground. ;) Luckily John and Steve had stomachs of iron, and both of them popped out of their planes as giddy as children after their flight.

It was a pleasure meeting both of you, I hope that your photographs will help preserve this very special day in your memories for ever!

Friday, March 09, 2007

HS Senior portraits at the Hotel Del Coronado

Yesterday I had the privlege of photographing Lauren, a local HS Senior. The Hotel Del Coronado always works as a beautiful backdrop for Senior portrait photography, and once again it did not let us down.

We started with some more casual photos out in front of the hotel.

Then moved to an adjacent green area for some shots in a different outfit.

Next it was to some stairs along the side of the hotel. Someone asked us "what magazine are you shooting these for?"

And well after sunset (people often wonder what the heck I'm photographing when it's practically dark outside - well, if you know what you're doing, then it looks something like this.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Baby photos 03.03.07

This morning we were revisited by our old friend Maria Fernanda. Well, actually not an "old friend" since she is only about six months old.

We did photos of Maria Fernanda at three months, and will also do more at nine and twelve months, chronicling her first year.

What is it with all of this hair??? Our Son wouldn't have this much hair if we didn't cut it for ten years!

Great to see you guys again. See you in another three months, when Maria Fernanda is crawling. ;)


Newborn baby photographs 03.02.07

Meet Paige. Just six days old and cute as a button. What a beautiful baby, and just look at all of that hair!

Tonight we had the pleasure of photographing Paige with her Mommy and Daddy, who also did their maternity photographs with us (thank you very much).

We captured plenty of great photographs of this beautiful bundle of joy! Congratulations again Mommy & Daddy!